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               Are you going from USA or America to India and are looking for best gift ideas to buy for family and friends? Then this is for you! If you would like some gifts which are delivered to India, check the "Delivered In India" section.

               Over the years my family, friends and I have made lots of trips both to and from India. We all have bought gifts for our near and dear ones. This list includes gifts that my family, my friends or I have bought or would consider buying for our next trip. Here you will find specific items to buy and popular gifts that will be liked by everyone.

               As you may know purchasing online is very convenient; just a few clicks and the items get delivered to you. Online purchasing also makes it easier to compare items and will usually give us more variety of options to choose from. So why wait? If you like something online buy it right away. Our near and dear ones deserve the best, so don't look at prices too much!

               See some general gift ideas below. For more gifts, select from a category from menu above or click - "Women", "Men", "Seniors",  "Kids",  "Budget Gifts". The budget gift category has inexpensive and cheap gift ideas.

General Gifts : 

Saffron - Saffron is a gift which anyone can use, looks good and is budget friendly. To give saffron, get a big pack of saffron from your local Indian grocery store or get some Spanish saffron from here or from here. Then redistribute the saffron into small plastic containers like these or these 50 small glass bottles. That's it, gifts for several people are done! Almonds, Walnuts and Cardamon are also great options in place of saffron. If you like, you can also make your own gift boxes, see here for some designs. If you make your own boxes, then you can also add your own message.

Space Pen - A space pen is a very unique gift and not available in India so far. For my next trip I plan to buy this space pen with an american flag.  A space pen became well known in India after being shown in the movie "Three Idiots" in year 2009.  But the anti gravity pen was patented in 1965 by Paul walker and were used in 1968 on Apollo 7. See the interesting history of fisher space pen here. Also a good option is another space pen with an american flag.

His/her wrist watch sets - Here is a great idea, a couple's wrist watch setI have purchased this watch set, check here for more details and my photos on this set. This set is amazing and is perfect gift for any special couple in your life. When the watches are placed next to each other they form a heart; it is so nice! If you prefer metal straps then check this similar set with metal straps. Other than the gold set, this set is also available as a black set, as a white set and as a black and white set. This different watch set also looks good. This is a more expensive watch set but looks good too. If you are going to India to attend a marriage then a watch set is also a good gift. Also a nice option for wedding anniversaries.

Kitchen items - Among kitchen items, cooking spoon sets are very useful and good gift. Check this  7 piece cooking spoon set with carouselI have purchased this 6 piece cooking spoon set, you can see photos of my set hereAnother gift item is a spoon rest which is very useful to keep cooking spoons. Check these set of four plastic spoon rest or this stainless spoon rest, Yet another very useful kitchen item is a grater. My parents once took a grater similar to this grater and this grater. Since garlic is commonly used in most India food recipes, a garlic press will be a nice gift especially if garlic is used daily in cooking. Check this garlic press or this garlic press, both are nice.  Items by Corelle are also popular. Sometime ago my parents bought a set of Corelle dinner plates like these dinner plates, not as a gift but to use at home. Another good option for dinner plates is this set of dinner plates.

Chocolates - Even thought getting chocolates as gifts from USA are routine, chocolates are still loved by everyone in India. And if they are personalized then they will be loved even more. Check out M&M website where you can get personalized M&M chocolates. Add your own images, your own text to M&Ms of your choice of color. A little expensive, but definitely worth it for special occasions. If they are being given to smaller kids, add their names to the personalized M&Ms, they will be delighted to see it as well.  Another choice is some variety of Hershey's chocolates, like Hershey's Nuggets Chocolates Assortment which is a nice mixture of four different types of bite sized chocolates or Hershey's Miniatures party pack, which has five different varieties. Remember to put all chocolates in the refrigerator once you reach home in India. So it is a good idea to pack all chocolates, where one can find and take out easily.  

Tablet/laptop - Check this chromebook, I own a very similar one and I see that the battery life is great. It starts up quickly, within a handful seconds even from a fully shutdown state. It is great for casual web browsing, emails, watching videos and doing google hangout video/audio conference. If you have a windows machine then you would have experienced the slowness of the windows updates. None of that for a chromebook, because the updates literally take a couple of seconds. If you prefer a larger screen then check this chromebook with 15.6 inch screen. If the laptop will be used for more than casual use, then it should have more computing power. So it should have at least have Intel core i5 or equivalent, 6GB or 8GB RAM and 1TB hard disk. We can expect such a laptop to give good performance for long time. Check this Acer laptop. After buying that Acer laptop, I suggest you uninstall any unwanted software. Other than that, check this Macbook Air, which is overall a great laptop for most users. For tablets go for ipad air 2 or the Samsung tab or the smaller ipad mini 2 with retina. Also worth considering is the budget friendly Amazon Fire 7 inch tablet.

Headphones - Headphones are also a good gift to take to India. My friend has the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones. I have tried them and  found that these have a nice rich sound. These can be folded and kept in a case (included) and easily carried around. The Sony MDR7506 is also a good option and so is the Sennheiser.

Bluetooth speaker - These bluetooth speakers can be used with any phone to turn a room into instant music/dance party. Check these JAM classic speakers or these angle 3 speakers, both are good. These Bose mini bluetooth speakers are excellent, with wide range of tones and long battery life.

Coffee/Tea - Now a days, coffee is becoming more and more popular in India, and so is Starbucks. Pick up a pound of Starbucks coffee from the Starbucks website or from your local Starbucks. Or get this Starbucks instance coffee; I have bought this several times and it tastes very good. This Trader Joe's ground coffee sampler is a nice mix of four types. I like the Pumpkin Spice flavor. The Ginger bread flavor is also good; it tastes a bit like Indian masala tea. You can also take these 60 count of assorted tea bags which is a selection of black teas, green teas and fruit flavor teas. Or take these 50 count assorted tea bags with flavor sticks.

Wine accessories - Know a wine lover in India? If yes then you can give a wine accessory as a gift. You may know that a wine aerator is helpful in oxidation of wines, which can bring out flavors. In my experience aeration is especially useful for red wines and younger wines. Get this wine aerator pourer  or this one  as a gift; both are good, and they will certainly like it. This corkscrew opener and wine stopper is good; also this wine opener gift set is nice. I know some great electric wine openers but they only work with 120V. If you have experience with a electric wine opener for India, let me know in the comments section below.

Movies - A harry potter fan in the family? Then see this Harry Potter 8 movie collection. Note this is a Blu-ray version. This is listed as all region version. I see that a DVD version is also available, but is for Region 1 (US and Canada) only.


Travel Accessories - These are not necessarily gifts, but are useful for the person travelling. Check these colorful luggage tags, which will make it easier to spot luggage.  Also check these TSA approved luggage locks, essential for travel. Worthwhile getting is this neck security wallet to keep passport, some reserve cash and other important documents. It can be easily hidden under clothes. To make the long journey comfortable take a neck pillow. I always carry also some ear plugs, because they help some of my family members with ear pain in flight and also help with reducing noise. Another common problem while travelling is to weigh the bag to ensure that they weigh within the limits. I used to use my bathroom scale to weigh the bags, but it is a bit tricky to do. Also in the process I managed to crack the glass of my bathroom scale. A much better option is to buy a handheld luggage scale, which makes this task very easy.

For more gifts, select from a category from menu above or check "Women", "Men", "Seniors",  "Kids",  "Budget Gifts"  for more gift ideas. The budget gift category has inexpensive and cheap gift ideas.

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